Thank you for registering for the RealPage Vendor Network. As a member, you will be able to access the simple-to-use OpsTechnology online platform to work with your customers and do business in an easier, faster way.

  • Send invoices directly to your customers online.
  • Receive payment faster and eliminate the delays of paper invoice processing.
  • Reduce invoice entry errors and postage and courier charges.
  • Increase visibility into online sales; see per-property sales with separate account numbers for each client property.
  • Become visible to the largest online community of multifamily buyers.

Pick a Package

Pick the package with the invoice balance that is best suited for your company. Once you have dropped below the minimum balance set per package, the system will automatically charge your account with the same package selected when you joined. You may upgrade your account to a larger package, if available, at anytime. You may also downgrade to a smaller package, if available, to be effective when the prepaid invoice balance for your then-existing package reaches zero. Once purchased, all prepaid package fees are non-refundable.

Package Price  
OpsTechnology Supplier Community - Prepaid 10 Invoice Pack
Invoice Balance: 10
Minimum Balance: 2
OpsTechnology Supplier Community - Prepaid 50 Invoice Pack
Invoice Balance: 50
Minimum Balance: 10
OpsTechnology Supplier Community - Prepaid 100 Invoice Pack
Invoice Balance: 100
Minimum Balance: 20
OpsTechnology Supplier Community - Prepaid 1000 Invoice Pack
Invoice Balance: 1000
Minimum Balance: 100
OpsTechnology Supplier Community - Prepaid 25 Invoice Pack
Invoice Balance: 25
Minimum Balance: 5