Thank you for registering for the RealPage Vendor Network. Whether you're new to the Network or an existing member, you'll be able to increase revenues and realize savings by integrating your catalog and ordering systems with your customer's online marketplace using the OpsTechnology platform.

As an RealPage Vendor Network member you will be able to:

  • Receive electronic orders and send invoices directly to your customer online.
  • Receive payment faster and guarantee invoice delivery to your customer's payables system.
  • Make it easier for customers to shop with you by publishing your catalog information inside your customer's Purchasing and Payable Application.
  • Gain visibility into online sales for each client property.
  • Have one system that integrates into all your OpsTechnology customers' payables and purchasing solutions.
  • Become visible to hundreds of key purchasing personnel within the OpsTechnology buying community.


With a subscription to the RealPage Vendor Network you will receive all of the features listed above as well as basic support from the RealPage Vendor Management team. The ongoing charges will be based on your invoice volume through the community.



Managed Catalog - Online Invoice Transaction Fee - 1% 1%
Managed Catalog - Offline Invoice Transaction Fee - 1% 1%
* Billed monthly upon deployment