Thank you for registering as an OpsBid supplier in the OpsTechnology Online Community. As a member, you will realize efficiencies and savings in managing projects and purchases from your customers online.

You’ll be able to:

  • Receive requests for bids from the industry’s largest group of online buyers
  • Be awarded contracts electronically
  • Share project documents with your customers
  • Send Invoices to your customers electronically for faster payment*
  • Publish customer-specific catalogs for your customers to use to make purchases online*

Membership to participate in OpsBid is FREE! If you are awarded a contract as the result of a bid, you will only pay a nominal amount in fees listed below.

*Participation upgrade required.


With a subscription to the RealPage Vendor Network you will receive all of the features listed above as well as basic support from the OpsTechnology client service team. The set up process includes one time charge for catalog set up and ongoing charges based on your invoice volume through the Community.



* Billed monthly upon deployment